A Paradise away from everything

Comino Island forms part of the Maltese Archipelago and is the smallest of the three islands.  Comino covers only 3.5 km. The island is situated in between of Gozo and Malta and can easily be reached by boat from both harbours in Malta and Gozo.  The island and its rugged coastline plus high cliffs can be seen while crossing the islands on the Gozo ferry.


Comino Island is acclaimed for its tranquillity and isolation, whereas no cars are allowed on the island.  It has a permanent population of only four residents, which are farmers who have their own farm there.  The island has also one priest and one policeman commute from the nearby island of Gozo, to render their services to the local population and tourists visiting in summer.  A hotel is open for the summer season on this tiny island.


blue lagoon cominoComino is famous for The Blue Lagoon and its unique crystal clear twinkling turquoise water, which along its white sand is considered truly a paradise. The Blue Lagoon is protected by the small islet of Cominotto.  The sea is deep but safe for swimming. The Blue Lagoon is very popular with tourists enjoying water sports, such as swimming, snorkelling and diving.  It is possible to swim to the island of Cominotto without any problems.  The small beach offers facilities including sun beds, umbrellas and a food kiosk.



One is wrong to assume that the Blue lagoon is the only attraction on Comino.  Besides the Blue Lagoon there are other rocky beaches and pretty coves which are worth visiting including St. Nicholas Bay and St. Mary bay.  The latter is situated on the north east side of Comino while the former is located further to the west.  Walking towards these secluded beaches from the blue lagoon is possible  through a charming and scenic route with typical flora.  Next to the blue lagoon, there is another popular area for swimming suggestively called the Crystal lagoon for its crystal clear waters.  All ferries to Comino stop at the blue lagoon but some can also stop you at the other beaches.  The island boasts itself with some interesting deep caves, especially popular with divers.  The visitor will remain fascinated by the various colourful caves with their stalactites hanging from the top.  Most boat ferries take their visitors round the caves on the return journey.


Apart from the beach, there is also a small church which dates back to medieval times and the St.Mary’s Tower which was built in 1618 by Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt to offer protection to those crossing between the islands.  Nowadays, the tower is still used for observation purposes.  From the back of the tower one can see a wide view of the North coast of Malta however the best view can be observed from the front where the visitor can admire a vast breathtaking view that stretches to Gozo.  There is also a police station on the island.  Comino also appears in some popular movies such as Troy, The Count of Monte Cristo and Swept Away.

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